Skin Care Products For All Skin Types


Mary Kay Age-Fighting Skin Care
TimeWise Miracle Set

TimeWise Miracle Set, Age-Fighting Skin Care. An awesome regiment which defines all skin types for healthy skin.

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How To Create Crochet Faux Locs

How to Create Crochet Faux Locs 


How to prepare this look on your own.

This individual-crochet Faux Locs style was created to look and feel like dreadlocks in its natural state. In preparing this look, how to create crochet faux locs without help in this segment will teach you the basic. Before I start a style I check to see how I’m going to create it from start to finish. I factor in time as well because styles like this one takes time to complete especially, when you are doing all the work yourself. Continue reading “How To Create Crochet Faux Locs”

Vacation Time Panama City Beach.

Vacation Time Family!

vacation time
    Pier Park view from Calypso Beach Resort

Our Spring vacation time is an annual trip and one of my favorite things to do with my family. Taking time out for the people you love is a great feeling. It’s a great accomplishment to feel love and to give it back. I have raised my children and now I am enjoying my grandchildren which is a gift from God to still be here to see it.  Going through life journeys and surviving it, is huge. Continue reading “Vacation Time Panama City Beach.”

Judging Who and For What

Judging Who?

Ok! Looking through this glass what do I see? Some people looking at me. Pointing their fingers. Judging! Do I care? Does it bother me? Will it change me? Wait! Who are those people? Will I let them change me? Will I move on? Continue reading “Judging Who and For What”

My Work, What Happen To It!

My Work, What Happen To It!

Work is on my mind
Clouds over Water

My work is gone I was writing a post and accidentally hit the wrong button. I didn’t get a chance to save my work therefore, I  lost everything I worked hard for. My memory is not good at times and I had some great information to share. Continue reading “My Work, What Happen To It!”